Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Food flourishes once again!

After a long lull in food sales and an inventory bulging at the seems, food is finally popular again! The new quest chain Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten has food flying off the shelves. The quest chain requires you to make a Noodle Cart Kit and Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit in order to learn the recipe for the Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart Kit. What makes this recipe so appealing is that it creates lootable food items. When you place it each person can loot the food item Pandaren Treasure Noodle Soup. If there are servings left in the cart once everyone has looted then you can loot a second time and hold on to the food for future use. No more wasted feasts! The down side is that each noodle soup requires 3g59s65c to purchase from the cart.

If you were thinking of parking this cart outside raids to make some gold then prepare your sad face. The gold spent on the noodle soup isn't given to the person who drop the cart. It is another gold sink. For now I am focusing on selling the crafted food needed for the carts. I do have a few carts posted but the cost of materials makes them a bit expensive. Those may be donated to my guild for raids if interest in them is lacking. If you have food sitting around then now is the time to make some nice profits from them. Don't forget your free food from Nomi!

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